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How to look your best for your portraits!


Do Not stay up late the night before your session! It will show!


Glasses: They can distort your eyes and face and cause glare which means you will need to pay for extra retouching. We do our best to minimalize glare, but some prescriptions are very strong. We recommend you borrow a pair of lens free frames or have them removed.
Braces: If you do not want to wait to have them removed, then we can digitally remove them for you. 
Extra charges do apply.
Tan Lines: Tans look fantastic. Sunburns do not.  We recommend you avoid the beach the days before your session if you burn easily and be wary of tan lines.  Please do not use self tanners.
Shorts:  Avoid wearing them.  They make for very difficult sessions.
Hair: Get hair cuts done a week before your portrait session.  Not the day before.
Clothing: Solid colors work best, avoid stripes and vivid patterns that might draw attention away from you.


Makeup: Natural and fresh is the best way to go.  Less is more.  Avoid body glitter.
Shirts: Long sleeves are best.  Absolutely NO halters, Tube tops, or deep V necks.
Outfits: Bring a variety of them.  Some casual, some more formal.  Bring complete outfits.


Face: Fresh shaves are a must. 
Clothing: Do bring a shirt, tie, dress pants, and jacket.  Also bring something casual.  Polo shirts and button down shirts work really well for yearbook portraits.  Try to avoid T-shirts.

Don't Forget

Variety of outfits
Class Ring
Jewelry for each outfit
Varsity Jackets
Musical Instrument
Sports Gear (Football, Basketball) & any other personal props


We reserve the right to refuse to photograph anyone dressed inappropriately.
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